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IronLink Logistics seeks logistics potential employees who have the commitment and ambition to help themselves and our company continue its amazing growth. We have opportunities in warehousing, customer service, finance, and sales. We provide the necessary training and support to help you take the next step in your career. IronLink is more than a place to work; we want people happy in their job and pleased to serve partners to the utmost of their abilities. We offer a truly caring work environment: caring for our partners and each other.

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Manage and oversee the receiving, handling, storing, picking, and packing activities within the warehouse, ensuring quality standards are met. Must achieve inventory accuracy, coordinate orders, and track shipping times, ultimately overseeing the fulfillment of millions of product orders every year.

Responsible for loading and unloading warehouse material, complying with warehouse safety standards, optimizing loads to ensure operational efficiency and identifying damages to vehicles.

Oversees and supervises warehouse employees and drivers to make sure all items are prepared, shipped, and received on time while complying with company policy. They act as a liaison between workers and management and report on shipping activities and issues.

Duties include handling stock, training employees, assigning duties, maintaining the receiving area clean and organized, and implementing record-keeping procedures.

Act as the liaison to customers, providing strategic and operational guidance. Responsible for building lasting relationships with our customers, optimizing international shipping operations and processes, monitoring the growth of accounts, and ensuring customers are receiving value and growing successfully with us.

Responsible for carrying out the logistics of receiving, processing, storing and sending inventory according to purchase orders and shipping schedules. Their duties include loading orders onto trucks and shipping containers, organizing incoming stock and putting the appropriate labels on outgoing parcels.

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