Our Intermodal Drayage Service Sidesteps Port Chaos

Your container’s “first mile” determines the timeliness of its full journey. IronLink specializes in drayage services — pulling containers from ports and transporting them to our nearby warehouses and other shipping hubs fast!


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Goods Arriving from Overseas? You Need Drayage Services.

There are 34.5 million containers circling the globe annually, moving more than half a billion shipments.* IronLink Drayage Services tracks your container’s arrival and picks it up using our advanced technology and simply, the telephone. Our committed Customer Success Representatives do the coordination. They align schedules, drivers, and transportation to extract and deliver your containers in the most timely and cost effective way possible.

(*Source: The Intermodal Association of North America, IANA Resource Center)


Timely Drayage Can Conquer Port Congestion

Some 3PL logistics providers and drayage companies constantly scramble in the face of the ebb and flow of port congestion due to economic, shipping, and retail trends. IronLink extracts your containers in a timely manner to avoid extra fees charged by ports and container owners. 

Our pre-planning and flexibility create drayage solutions when others might panic. IronLink Logistics and our vetted transportation providers live by the clock. Containers move as soon as they are available due to our high availability of chassis. No need to worry about the status of your container, our national drayage services provide you with “Live Updates.”

Drayage vs Intermodal: Are They Different?

IronLink Logistics moves fast to grab containers and complete the short haul to other modes of transportation or destinations via our vetted transportation providers.

  • Drayage companies transport freight from a seaport to shipping centers, other ports, or logistics facilities, usually over a short distance. That’s why it’s labeled “the first mile.” 
  • Intermodal drayage moves cargo in shipping containers or trailers to more than one other transport mode: rail, ship, or truck.

IronLink Helps You Avoid Demurrage and Detention Fees

Shipping lines typically own or lease containers and can charge multiple fees after three to seven days of “free time” elapse. The free time and fees can vary widely. Link up with a partner who helps avoid these penalties.

  • Demurrage: a “rent” you pay for a container inside a port beyond the free time allowed for unloading and returning a container. 
  • Detention fees: a charge you pay for the use of the container outside the port, beyond the free time period.
How to Improve Drayage Efficiency
Use local logistics providers to improve container turns
Require tight control of carrier in/out scheduling
Source certified and vetted carriers
Watch for optimized container and truck interchange
Perform audits for accurate in/out goods flow

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