Our Intermodal Drayage Service Sidesteps Port Chaos

Your container’s “first mile” determines the timeliness of its full journey. IronLink specializes in port and intermodal drayage services — pulling containers from ports and transporting them to our nearby commercial warehouses and other shipping hubs fast!


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Goods Arriving from Overseas? Get Our Port Drayage Services

There are 34.5 million containers circling the globe annually, moving more than half a billion shipments.* IronLink’s Port Drayage Services tracks your container’s arrival and picks it up using our advanced technology. Our committed Customer Success Representatives do the coordination. They align schedules, drivers, and transportation to extract and deliver your containers in the most timely and cost-effective way possible.

(*Source: The Intermodal Association of North America, IANA Resource Center)

National Intermodal Drayage Services

National Intermodal Drayage Services

IronLink’s intermodal drayage services are central to optimizing supply chains, boosting efficiency, and cutting transportation costs. As a nation-wide drayage provider, we seamlessly connect various transportation modes, streamlining goods movement within a comprehensive logistics network.

Also known as port drayage because goods often originate from local ports, our national drayage company uses specialized trucks for efficiently transferring cargo containers between hubs. Trust IronLink for port transport services of your cargo from ports and rail terminals to their ultimate destinations, frequently including our commercial warehouses with value added services.

IronLink’s Intermodal Drayage Service Advantages

Cost Savings: Our Intermodal drayage company can reduce transportation costs by optimizing routes and leveraging more cost-efficient modes of transport for different segments of the journey. This can lead to significant cost savings over long-distance trucking.
Efficient Cargo Handling: Intermodal drayage services are designed for efficient container handling at transportation hubs. Our fast turnaround times minimize delays and fees, improving your overall supply chain efficiency.
Environmental Sustainability: Intermodal transportation is typically more eco-friendly than traditional long-haul trucking. It can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing trains and ships, which are more fuel-efficient for longer distances.
Global Connectivity: Our intermodal drayage seamlessly connects various modes of transport, making it ideal for national and international trade. It enables goods to move smoothly between ships, trains, and trucks, facilitating global supply chain networks.
Reliability and Flexibility: Intermodal drayage services often involve precise scheduling and coordination, leading to reliable delivery times. Additionally, businesses can scale their operations as needed, accommodating fluctuations in demand or seasonal variations.

Conquer Port Congestion with IronLink Logistics Drayage Services

At IronLink, we set a high standard when it comes to port congestion challenges influenced by economic, shipping, and retail trends. Our meticulous pre-planning and adaptability empower us to craft drayage solutions, even in challenging scenarios. Our top priority is promptly retrieving your containers to mitigate additional fees from ports and container owners.

We adhere to strict timelines so you can run your operations with confidence. Containers are put into motion as soon as they become available, thanks to our ample chassis availability. Our national intermodal drayage services offer “live updates,” ensuring you remain well-informed about cargo and container tracking. Contact us today to get started!

Prevent Avoidable Demurrage and Detention Fees with IronLink’s Port Drayage Experience

Shipping lines typically own or lease containers and can charge multiple fees after three to seven days of “free time” elapse. The free time and fees can vary widely. Link up with a partner who helps avoid these penalties.

  • Demurrage: a “rent” you pay for a container inside a port beyond the free time allowed for unloading and returning a container.
  • Detention fees: a charge you pay for the use of the container outside the port, beyond the free time period.

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