Leadership Team

Put us to work for you. Our leaders, logistics managers and on-the-ground teams are helping supply chains like yours run smoothly every day.

“Responsiveness, excellence, and flexibility really separates us. That’s where we shine.”

— David Dembitzer, CEO

David Dembritzer

David Dembitzer, CEO

“IronLink is a full-service logistics solutions provider. Our customers are our business partners. They focus on buying and selling, and we take care of the rest.”


Robert Ferreras, COO

“We have partners that we’ve had for a long time, real customer loyalty. I think we’ve consistently performed for all our partners. We’re reliable and consistent.”

Rochelle Mollo

Rochelle Mollo, CFO/HR

“We build strong bonds with partners. We speak to each of them consistently at the customer service level and even the administrative level. We are passionately personable.”

Leonard Matyas

Leonard Matyas. Vice President of Warehouse Operations

“We excel at timely execution based on knowing our partner’s business and paying attention to detail. The result is we deliver on-time and in-full.”

erica alfaro

Erica Alfaro, Customer Service Manager

“We handle a partner’s logistics, their orders, their inventory, their business, essentially our business is pretty much their business.”

We help supply chains flow from end to end. We fill gaps. We solve problems.