Value Added Services include Repackaging, Kitting, or Assembly

Special handling is never a problem. We love a challenge. Nothing is out of bounds.


We provide custom packing and kitting for many products.

Value Added Services as Unique as Your Business

Focus your resources on ecommerce, retail opportunities, or hard-knock selling, while we do tasks that are difficult to arrange and implement. We help you make the right impression with functional and custom labels. Packaging of any dimension is not a problem. The range of our special services is ultimately defined by your unique needs.

  • Customer-centric repackaging services
  • Custom kitting and assembly services
  • Labeling and ticketing
  • Parcel management and shipping
  • Personalizing products and packaging

Repackaging Services Built for Quantity and Quality

Repackaging is a routine part of logistics until it’s not. Often when goods need repackaging, there’s a special urgency to get it shipped. Additionally, not every product fits in a standard shipping box. Custom packaging, large or small, does not slow IronLink processing down. Whether items are in a standard or special box, they are packed exactly as you prescribe it complete with the inventory code for storage and an appropriate label for shipping. We are as creative as the exceptions you throw at us. Gift wrap with that?

Our repackaging experience includes these industry verticals


Freight Forwarders
Health & Wellness
Home Goods

Cardboard boxes on conveyor belt. parcels transportation system concept

Kitting and Assembly Services

Kitting places two or more related items together, say, ballpoint pens and extra ink cartridges. Assembled together they become a new SKU that can be picked, packed, and shipped as required. Bring IronLink the separate SKUs that you want to assemble together to create a new SKU desired by your customer base. Our inventory control and accuracy allows our warehouse pros to place multiple small items together. Or, they can assemble large items in sub-packages, say, a kitchenware set of pots and pans. And we offer parcel management from picking and packing to shipping.


Typical products that might use kitting and assembly services

Product Samples
Cosmetic brands
Vitamins and supplements
Electronics with multiple units
Subscription boxes
Clip-strips with small items
Retail floor stands or any pre-packaged displays
Sub-assembly of manufactured parts

IronLink Parcel Management Services are built on relationships with major carriers where we can rate-shop, leverage economies of scale, and meet your customer’s delivery metrics.


Labeling and Ticketing Services

IronLink welcomes client-mandated Quality Control measures and can apply inspections at each and every stage of the logistics process: 


Quality Control Means Quality Care

Quality Control is especially important in eCommerce to check products before they ship; however, every class of product could benefit from quality control checks to ensure products are on-spec and reduce fulfillment errors. In the headlong rush to get goods out the door, the wrong, missing, or defective products might be shipped without quality check procedures and forms at critical stages.

Improve Your Business Results with Value-Added Services
Please your customer with packaging that delights their clients
Gain flexibility in product configurations to meet varied needs
No process slowdowns with any size or uniquely shaped boxes
Accurate labels ensure the right items ship to the right place
Include sell-sheets, brand communication, coupons for more sales
Quality control that guarantees your client’s satisfaction and loyalty

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