Using the South Carolina Port of Charleston for 3PL

Port of Charleston 3PL

IronLink Logistics’ newest commercial warehouse opened in South Carolina recently! We are now accepting customers in need of Port of Charleston third-party logistics services. Keep reading to learn more about using the Port of Charleston for 3PL or watch our entire webinar’s business logistics video.

South Carolina 3PL and Owner-Operated Ports Authority

There are a few things that are a little different about South Carolina ports and the Port of Charleston and then some other Port Authorities that you might be used to doing business with. One significant aspect is its function as an owner-operator Ports Authority, where companies possess and manage all the land within the terminals. As a result, the Port of Charleston differs from a landlord Port since there are no third-party entities involved in operating the terminals.

This means a dedicated staff is out there loading and unloading the ships, and doing all the functions on the Marine Terminals. If there are any issues or if help is needed with anything related to your International Commerce, the Ports Authority can be relied upon to assist.

About South Carolina’s Port of Charleston

The Port of Charleston currently has the 8th largest Ports Authority in the US. Over the last few years over 3 billion dollars have been invested in operations and infrastructure.

The port is the deepest harbor on the East Coast, meaning ships of all sizes can come in 24/7 and are not being restricted by the tides. This allows perfect country-wide 3PL services with Asia, Europe and South America.

All the major ports in the world you can bring in and out of the Port of Charleston. Call IronLink to discuss your logistics cost by country.

Map of Port of Charleston 3PL
Ports Authority 3PL Services

Improvements to Port of Charleston

With the $3bn investment, South Carolina 3PL is able to keep up with logistics demands because of the capacity being added, newer/larger cranes and deepening the harbor.

Pandemic and Ports Authority Adjustments

The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating to many economies and businesses, however, the Ports Authority had 15 months in a row of record volume. This acted as a bit of a stress test for their staff, and one of the areas improved upon was chassis.

A regional chassis pool, South Atlantic chassis pool, was used to provide equipment for the Port of Charleston (SMART POOL™).

Port of Charleston 3PL Company
South Carolina Inland Port Logistics

South Carolina Inland Port Logistics

The Port of Charleston is a classic marine terminal, however, it is not the only port operated by Ports Authority.

Dillon, South Carolina and Greer, South Carolina are both inland ports owned and operated by Ports Authority. They work very similar to marine terminals, but they provide n extra layer of flexibility, so you can extend your reach 200 miles to the interior back-and-forth on a daily rail service. For more information, you can visit the SC Ports Authority website.

If you want to learn how IronLink Logistics works with South Carolina’s Ports Authority to keep your freight moving with ease, please contact us.

How Using Port of Charleston Can Cut Logistics Costs

Choosing to work with IronLink Logistics and the Port of Charleston can help you save on 3PL costs. If you’re used to doing business with ports like California or New York, the cost savings by choosing South Carolina are going to be pretty tremendous. You’re going to see those savings from labor, leasing, the 3PL warehousing, and also goods transportation. Across the board, those costs are going to be lower than competing ports for your logistics needs.

“IronLink is a fantastic warehouse provider…they are the best in the business” – Travis, SC Ports Authority

Port Tax Credit

Users are eligible for port tax credit if they experience year-over-year container growth through the Port of Charleston. That is up to $200 per container, with a maximum credit of a million dollars. It doesn’t cost anything to apply and IronLink Logistics is experienced in working with South Carolina and understanding how to apply these tax credits to save you money on logistics services.

Get Logistics Services at the Port of Charleston

The big takeaway is that South Carolina’s Ports Authority, Port of Charleston, and IronLink Logistics work together to make sure you have a flawless logistics experience. The Port of Charleston is an easy place to do business, Ports Authority is a friendly environment to do business, and South Carolina is a pro-business environment.

Please contact IronLink to learn more about the benefits and advantages of choosing 3PL in South Carolina.